Shahroud Ghahani



Shahroud Ghahani is a Visual Artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Her work is informed by a deep interest in the materiality of paint and abstractions. Inspired by nature and the radical artists of the Arte Povera movement, her artworks employ a highly poetic language through explorations of pigments and textures.

She has had a keen interest in art making from an early age and carries a background in visual communication and design. She is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales and in recent years has exhibited in many shows in Sydney including Gaffa gallery, AD_Space and Kudos gallery. She has been a finalist in regional galleries, and has been selected twice as a finalist for the Kudos Emerging Artist prize.

She is recognised for her striking landscapes and abstract paintings, and has been commissioned by private collectors in Sydney.

Her paintings are in private collections across Australia, Spain and the US.

I regularly update my work in progress on Behance Artists platform. Please see my latest works on:


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