Shahroud Ghahani

Fowlers Gap Residency / Studio Work, Anthology of the Desert

2019,Terrestrial waves, Acrylic on board ,22.5x15.5 cm


Billabong 1

Billabong 2, 22.5x15 cm, 2019,

 Rage and honor,oil on Belgian linen, 22.5x15.5 cm, 2019, Private collection

 Natural pigments on polyster canvas,22.5x15,2019,

The sheltering sky ,acrylic on board, 22.5x15 ,2019,

2019, Mixed media,No Mans Land , 40x40 cm, Private collection

2019, oil and fabric collage on Belgian linen

Valley of death, Acrylic on board, 22x15 cm, 2019

The last bandicoot gauche on paper, 22 x 15 cm, 2019,

Mono print, small sculptures and works on field 

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