Shahroud Ghahani

+ Gallery / Paintings 2019

2019, Frog Choir Acrylic on Birch wood 45x45 cm

2019, Lament of The blind owl,
Oil and wax and mixed media on canvas, 47x 47 cm

2019,Eucalyptus Land, Acrylic and mixed media on Birchwood 30x30 cm

2019,Discordant, mixed media on Birchwood, 20X20 cm

2019, As far as Zagros Mountain, Acrylic,and natural pigments on Birchwood, 45x45 cm

2019, Nishikigoi, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30x30 cm

2019, Grandmother's Rose, oil on Birchwood 20x20 cm

2019, Discordant,  Oil on canvas, 30x30 cm

2019,Wall of light Oil on Linen, 30 X 30 cm

2019, Green Gables,Acrylic, Charcoal, dry pastel on canvas,

41x31 cm

2019, Wings of desire,Acrylic, Charcoal, dry pastel on canvas

41x 31 cm

Acrylic and ink on Belgian canvas 120x 142 cm

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